hey it's me, mothcub

I'm Lilly - illustrator / video editor from London

Here are three things I love:

• The Tom Jones hit 'Sexbomb'
• Spooky umbrella 'kasa-obake'
Babies from PS1 game 'Baroque'


A navy blue sweater featuring a white line drawing of a cat with the text 'yeah I'm evil, so what?'

fun stuff for sale:

t-shirtsprints & stickersdigital stuff (in progress!) • original art

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Tattoos tip are appreciated!
(& here’s some free wallpapers) 💕
Please also check out
these free frog icons
by Stinky Katie
(affiliate link) (she's a legend)

—— ★★★ ——

T H A N K Sㅤʕっˇᴥˇʔっ★


Do you take commissions?
Yes, get one here!
Can I get your art tattooed?
You bet! You can tip me for a tattoo if you like, but it's not required! idk give me £15
Can I post your art/use it an icon?
Yes, as long as you credit me :-)
Is it okay if I make my own shirt/sticker of your work?
For personal, non-commercial use, yes.

he's coming :-o

A white bunny plush toy, holding a green frog.

Thanks for making my Makeship plush possible!

A white plush toy of a bunny wearing a pink t-shirt that says "evil".

Thanks so much to those who ordered a limited edition evil bunny!

Two boys.

Thank you to those who ordered my"double trouble" keychains!Please contact Ownaj directly with any queries.