hey it's me, mothcub

I'm Lilly and I draw little animals.

❕ no commissions ❕

A white t-shirt featuring a drawing of a bunny dancing in a pink sweater, surrounded by music notes and stars. Text reads: "I will never stop dancing".

fun stuff for sale:

original artt-shirts & sweatersprints & stickersmusic ♬

A white bunny plush toy, holding a green frog.

My Makeship plush's preorder is closed!
Shipping from August 7th✨️
Please contact Makeship directly with any queries.

Two boys.

Thank you to those who ordered my"double trouble" keychains!
Orders start shipping during May 💕
Please contact Ownaj directly with any queries.

You can also support me on Patreon, or tip here!Tips for tattoos are very much appreciated.
(& here’s some free wallpapers) 💕
I also have a wishlist & steam wishlist
if you wanna tip me in a fun alternative way :-)

—— ★★★ ——

T H A N K⠀Y O Uㅤʕっˇᴥˇʔっ★


Do you take commissions?
Generally not at the moment, sorry!
Can I get your art tattooed?
You bet! You can tip me for a tattoo if you like, but it's not required! idk give me £15
Can I post your art elsewhere/use your art as an icon on vampirehorses dot com, my favourite social media site for being both a vampire and a horse?
Yes, as long as you credit me :-)
Is it okay if I make my own t-shirt/sticker of your work?
For personal, non-commercial use, yes.

he's coming :-o

A white plush toy of a bunny wearing a pink t-shirt that says "evil".

Thanks so much to those who ordered a LIMITED EDITION evil bunny! They're all gone but I hope to make more plush toys soon!Please contact @ownaj.co if you have any shipping queries 💖